Home Automation


We pride ourselves on being able to deliver simple solutions for sophisticated and customised control systems for you and your family. We give you complete wireless control of your home or venue. You can use your own smart device or we can provide you with one. If you like the picture, sound and lighting in your home or venue to operate with perfection, we are your solution.


If it’s a brand new home you’re planning we will sit down with you and design the correct system for your home and environment. We will take care of every aspect required to correctly install and complete the system for your home or venue.

  • Design
  • Prewire
  • Termination
  • Equipment installation
  • Commission system
  • Educate
  • Ongoing support

If it’s an existing home we design a solution to retrofit your home with as little interference as possible to the current environment. Our philosophy is to make all systems look like they belong in the environment they are in.

We provide commercial installs in exactly the same manner – catering to your specific requirements. We understand budgets are important and we make sure this is closely monitored. Every aspect of what we do is itemised and accounted for.

We place very high priority on communication throughout the entire process to ensure we get things right.

It’s All In the Detail

Every home and venue is different and we will work with you to provide exactly the right solution. It’s true what they say – the devil is in the detail and we are relentless about getting the little things right.

We don’t just go shopping and buy out of the box products. We visit your home or venue first and design a system that will suit your environment. We use high quality, high end product to fit out your home or venue.

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